Drake Days in The East (Chopped Not Slopped)
Days in The East (Chopped Not Slopped)


Days in The East - Chopped not Slopped - Slim K


"Are you an OutKast?If you understand and feel the basic principles andFundamental truths contained within this music, you probably areIf you think it’s all about pimpin hoes and slamming cadillac do’sYou probably a cracker, or a nigga that think he a crackerOr maybe just don’t understandAn OutKast is someone who is not considered to be part of the normal worldHe is looked at differentlyHe is not accepted because of his clothes, his hairHis occupation, his beliefs or his skin colorNow look at yourself, are you an OutKast?”

Jean-Michel Basquiat retrospective at the Gagosian Gallery


Out of all the people that I have wanted to move far, far, far away from me you’re the only one that I wished lived right next door.



Picking plums in a garden in Santa Monica.  A friend invited me over to come see her plum tree.  It was one one of the most beautiful fruit trees I have seen and the plums were just ripening.  We spent the afternoon picking plums and eating them just off the tree.  They were so sweet.  Their juice burst out when I took a bite and ran down my chin and neck.  Heaven. 

This is wonderful ^__^ 


"I can almost understand why people leap from bridges."
Charles Bukowski, The Difficulty of Breathing  (via writing-because)

Slide your finger across the GIF & you can manually open & close the fridge

Processing in White, 2013.